PTZ cameras driving live streaming for churches

Houses of worship faced challenges during the pandemic, which turned them to live stremaing. Now that the world is getting back to normal, many churches are taking the hybrid approach. To succed with this a lot of chruches depend on PTZ cameras.

"Even bigger churches that have studio cameras––with lenses that cost eight to 10 times as much as a really nice PTZ camera––will still incorporate PTZ cameras into their workflow now, just because of the dynamic nature of the shots they can get."
David Price, founder of Avenue Systems, AV design and integration firm

Before COVID Hill Country Bible Church in Austin, Texas provided pre-recorded services to remote worshippers. Once the pandemic hit they wanted to turn to live streaming. The church added two Panasonic PTZ Cameras to their workflow, as well as two Panasonic studio cameras.

"[With these cameras,] we’re able to send out a much better experience to those who are on the web, as well as those who are in other venues."
DeWayne McNally, executive pastor of ministries at Hill Country

PTZ cameras offer many benefits to volunteer-driven churches. One person can operate multiple PTZ cameras from anywhere. PTZ cameras also allows to pre-program presets, which means beginners can produce high quality content. 

Hill Country Bible Church is able to reach their exsiting memebers as well as gain a whole new audience with their new PTZ Camera setup. 

"What we’ve done here has enabled us to reach more people and impact more people,” he says. “The fact that we can keep people engaged in our conversations is huge. For us, that is what this is all about."
DeWayne McNally, executive pastor of ministries at Hill Country

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