PTZ Cameras Gaining Traction in News Studios

PTZ Cameras can be an affordable solution to multi-camera productions and video production beyond conferencing. Here's an article that make a strong argument for the PTZ camera expanding into new markets. From

"In broadcast markets of every size, news operations are replacing traditional, pedestal-mounted studio cameras with pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) models."

In fact, PTZ camera performance is so strong that some stations are using them side-by-side with traditional studio cameras for weather sets, while others have replaced all their studio cameras with PTZ models.

It’s a growing trend, but is it a good idea? It can be – with the right equipment choices and realistic expectations. Here are five reasons why PTZ technology is a good fit for today’s news studios.

1. Actually, it’s not a new trend. Advanced Broadcast Solutions in SeaTac, Wash., has installed PTZ studio camera systems in several broadcast facilities, from small market stations with very limited budgets to top 20 stations that reach almost 2 million households. In fact, the company has been using PTZ cameras in news studios for at least a decade. “People couldn’t believe you could use a PTZ camera in a news studio,” recalled Mark Siegel, president of ABS. “When other system designers wouldn’t even consider it, I was getting acceptable performance out of PTZ technology. Now, many station groups are heading that way.” ...[continue reading]

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