PTZ Cameras make Live Streaming Easier, more Affordable and Safer

PTZ Cameras have long been an integral part to the streaming landscape, with options available from PTZOptics, BirdDog, Panasonic, NewTek and more.

The ability for mechanical panning, tilting and zooming gives live streaming teams tremendous flexibility without adding camera operators, or additional resources. This means that they also make for great capabilities in a world where capacities have been lowered, and more and more workflows are taking place remote.

For those streaming to Zoom, using a PTZ camera with your webcam can also be a great idea, as it adds for more motion and movement and more that can be shown to your participants. recently created a great article talking about the expanded hold of PTZ Cameras on the streaming industry, with some great looks at applications and specific cameras.  

Check out this highlight from that article:

"PTZ cameras are ideal for distance learning, and for use within a network of conference and meeting rooms. With the pandemic forcing many companies and schools to turn to live streaming for meetings, events, and classes to keep attendees safe, PTZ cameras offer a cost-effective and efficient way for them to achieve that workflow. PTZ cameras offer organizations of any size the ability to live stream events through the use of pre-programmed shots and presets to capture video, alleviating the need to hire an on-site video technician. Another benefit: PTZ cameras’ wide-angle lenses allow users to capture the entirety of a large room all at once."

Check out the full article HERE.

Learn more about PTZ Cameras HERE.

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