PTZ Cameras Webinar– PTZ Cameras, Streaming Software and Auto-tracking

Join Jim Bask from as he introduces you to beginner and advanced workflows using PTZ Cameras in Live Production and streaming. He will start at the beginning: What’s a PTZ Camera? When is it better or easier to use than a traditional production camera? How will it elevate your productions? Then show off product demos from the leading camera makers including PTZOptics, BirdDog, Canon, Panasonic, NewTek and more. The Videoguys will talk about optical zoom, FOV, NDI, POE, SRT, camera control and auto-tracking, color management and other features. He will help you determine the features that are most important for live production and streaming in churches, schools, corporate boardrooms and even production studios. Jim will also show you how PTZ cameras make it even easier to grow your production beyond your local area making remote production even easier.

Watch the full webinar below:

Read the full article from Videomaker HERE


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