PTZOptics 12x Zoom NDI PTZ Camera is Great for Worship Video

A recent article from Church Production written by Will Chapman talks about how the PTZOptics 12x NDI Camera is great for houses of worship and their workflows. It is clear that the pandemic has led to an increase in live-streaming for religious services, and manufacturers have responded by offering a range of high-quality video equipment at various price points. PTZ cameras, in particular, have become more accessible and versatile, allowing churches of any size to easily install and use them in their spaces. The PTZOptics 12x NDI PTZ camera is one example of a product that has been well-received for its flexibility and features.

Everything You Need for Streaming Success

First off, the PTZOptics PT12X-NDI-GY Broadcast Camera has all the features necessary for successful streaming. Its small form allows flexible installation options on a wall, on a portable stand, hanging from a ceiling, etc. Secondly, engineering features related to image quality like a wide dynamic range, a new CMOS sensor with low video noise reduction, advanced/one-push white balance modes, and a wide variety of HD sizes and frame rates help deliver the picture quality church techs are looking for. It’s worth noting that the PT12X-NDI-GY has solid image quality without moving into a higher-costing PTZ for highly specialized broadcast environments. The PT12X-NDI-GY also has a variety of ways to get the video signal to the switcher: SDI, HDMI, and the NDI video over ethernet protocol. But the features I’m excited about the most on this camera are the multiple options for control!

The PTZOptics PT12X-NDI-GY is a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera that offers a wide range of control options. It is a great option for churches that want to use PTZ cameras in their worship spaces, but have experienced disappointment in the past due to a lack of budget for control. This camera offers a wealth of control options, making it a cost-effective solution for churches that want to maximize their budget.

Midi Keyboard Control

There are several options for controlling PTZOptics cameras. One option is to purchase a joystick camera controller from PTZOptics, which comes in three different models with varying price points and capabilities. Another option is to use PTZOptics' free camera control application to control cameras connected via IP and USB. Additionally, a free plugin from the PTZOptics website can be used to control cameras with the no-cost, downloadable OBS stream encoding software. Another unique option is to control the camera with a MIDI keyboard.

PTZOptics is a company that manufacturers robotic cameras and the PT12X-NDI-GY Broadcast Camera is one of their product that has a MIDI control feature which is currently in beta testing. This feature allows for easy control of the camera using a MIDI controller. The user had a positive experience setting up the feature with the help of PTZOptics' tech support and a firmware update. The setup was done using both Firefox and Chrome browsers on a MacBook Pro running macOS 12.6.1.

"I must confess… I haven’t had as much fun with a robotic camera as I had setting up and using the MIDI control software for the PT12X-NDI-GY Broadcast Camera." -Will Chapman

It makes sense that you would be excited about using a MIDI keyboard to control a robotic camera, as it allows churches and other organizations to maximize their budget on cameras by using a cost-effective method of control. This flexibility in camera control was not previously available at an affordable price point for many churches, but now with this type of camera and control options, it is possible for churches to upgrade the production of their broadcasts. This is especially beneficial for churches looking to improve their video production but have limited budget. Overall, it seems like this new technology is bringing great advantages to the church community.

Will is excited that he is able to help churches find a solution that meets their current needs while also providing an easy upgrade path. The PTZOptics PT12X-NDI-GY camera is a great option as it offers a variety of features and video quality that are expected in a robotic camera at a competitive price point. Additionally, the flexible control features that come with the camera are valuable and provide churches with a variety of options to improve their video production. This camera is a great choice for churches looking to improve their video production with a cost-effective solution.

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