PTZOptics Camera Owners: Free Update with the Latest Firmware for new Features

Today's Videoguys Live webinar is all about PTZOptics, and some exciting firmware that allow users to leverage some great new features within your camera.  We'll also be talking about the ability to upgrade ANY PTZOptics camera to NDI, now at just $399.  

Check out the webinar, below:

PTZOptics new Firmware brings for New Features​ and means installing an NDI License to your camera is now easier than ever!

Purchase an NDI License for any PTZOptics Camera:

All PTZOptics Cameras can now become NDI|HX Devices with a separate NDI License​, now at a more affordable price!  This includes their USB and HDMI Cameras, as well as their SDI cameras.  While this license was previously priced at $600, it can now be purchased at just $399, making it more affordable than ever to jump into NDI.

PTZOptics PTZ Camera Family:

There are three types of traditional PTZ Cameras to chose from in the PTZOptics family.  This includes their USB and HDMI camera.  This camera comes in 12X at $1,699 and 20X at $1,799. 

PTZOptics also offers an SDI model in 12X at $1,599, 20X at $1,699 and 30X at $1,799.  This camera also features an HDMI output as well, but not a USB output. 

Lastly, for those who are ready to jump right into NDI, PTZOptics also offers an NDI|HX option.  These cameras also include SDI and HDMI inputs as well.  This includes a 12X at $1,999, 20X at $2,099 and a 30X at $2,199


Those looking at PTZOptics cameras can also rest assured that they have longtime coverage and support with PTZOptics new five year warranty, meaning PTZOptics will be their to support their product. 

New Firmware Adds:

Motion Sync:

A new PTZ camera technology to control the way camera robotics optimize PTZ preset motion. ​This feature brings a new level of professionalism to your productions.​

  • Motion Sync, or Trisynchronous motion, now allows you to control the speed at which the camera transitions in between presets with a new level of precision. 
  • Pan, tilt and zoom at the same​ time 
  • Sync the motion so that your pan,​ tilt and zoom actions all happen​ simultaneously. 
  • Requirement: Latest version of PTZOptics camera software. Only available on Gen 2 cameras purchased 2017 or later. 

Precision Zooming​:

PTZOptics cameras allow you to adjust the pan, tilt and zoom speeds that the camera will use when recalling a preset. You can also adjust the manual PTZ speeds. Additionally, you can use the “Precision Zooming” feature to automatically slow the cameras movements down when zoomed in to allow for smoother operation. 

Additional Focus and Speed Features:

  • Adjustable PTZ Speeds for Manual and Preset Controls​
  • New: Focal Range Support: You can now set a focal range to limit the cameras auto-focus to only be active in a certain area. 
  • Ranges Between:​ 3-60 feet: You can define a range that the camera will maintain focus on between 3 and 60 meters (1-20 meters).

Check out these examples of Focal Range, Below:

Additional Focus Features:

  • New: Focus Lock : When you want to get a very specific area in focus while avoiding unwanted auto-focus adjustments.
  • Focus on what matters : Can be used with manual focus to create beautiful “Bokeh” features to combine with PTZ presets to make the camera come into focus with precision control. 

Better Color Matching​:

Expanded Red Gain and Blue Gain color controls are now available in VAR White Balance mode. This allows you to tweak camera performance based on a wide range of lighting scenarios.

Improved Web Browser with a Live Video Preview:

Want to remotely view your camera for any web browser on any Mac or PC computer? All you need to do is set the second stream to MJPEG in the Video tab. 

PTZOptics PTZ Control Software​: 

Designed for PC, Mac and OBS

  • Control up to 8 Cameras​
  • Simple Controls
  • Live Preview​
  • Xbox Joystick Control​
  • Hotkey Controls​
  • Pan/Tilt Limits


Control up to 8 Cameras with PTZOptics New Control Software:

For multicamera productions, the PTZOptics Control Software can now leverage control over eight cameras simultaneously. ​

Additional Features:

Some additional features within the control software that we touched on in this webinar included:

  • Simple controls
  • Live preview
  • Hotkey controls
  • Pan/Tilt Limits
  • Xbox Joystick Control

Joy Stick Controllers:

​When you've added cameras and now want advanced tactile control, PTZOptics also offers joysticks of all different sizes to fit each production.  Check out this chart listing the differences between the PTZOptics Serial Joystick, IP Gen 4 Joystick and SuperJoy controllers.

PTZOptics SuperJoy:

One major feature that has been added to the PTZOptics SuperJoy includes Custom Buttons, which can be used to bring elevated operation to your production between multiple cameras.

The SuperJoy also includes advanced SuperPreset capability, allowing the ability to set presets for more than one camera at a time, which can be timed according to your live production needs.

SuperJoy now also allows for HTTP command and scene change commands for OBS, vMix and NewTek Production Systems.  

Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about PTZOptics HERE. 

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