PTZOptics Cameras and Controllers with NDIv4 are a Winning Combination!

PTZOptics PTZ Cameras are terrific devices to elevate your live production. And, when you add the power of NDI, they bring a level of flexibility and quality that will truly set your live stream apart. NDI is always evolving, and with NDI version 4 there are plenty of updates and new features, that have now been bought to PTZOptics.

Check out this video from PTZOptics to learn more.

"NDIv4 sets up PTZOptics camera users for the future opening integrations that were once only available to certain NDI developers. PTZOptics NDI cameras now speak NDI fluently in the sense that NDIv4 will only get better as the core NDI technology evolves.
NDI version 4 is now available and with it comes massive improvements to video quality, security and NDI HX compatibility. PTZOptics NDI cameras can now have their firmware upgraded to support NDIv4. This update includes massive improvements to NDI HX which include lower latency, full support for GPU decoding acceleration, and support for the most advanced compression formats available today. On top of the great video improvements, PTZOptics NDI users will gain access to NDI Groups to increase security, Custom Naming to increase useability and new Multicast features that are easier to use and more flexible than ever before."

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about PTZOptics HERE.

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