PTZOptics Case Study: Broadcast Beat NDI Television Studio

A PTZOptics camera is a great way to step up your IP production, with smooth camera motions and flexibility, they are a sure fire way to increase your quality and efficiency within your production. Recently, posted a great article detailing how PTZOptics cameras can be used in an IP-Based Broadcast.

Broadcast Beat is a well known live streaming company based in Miami, Florida.  Recently their team was tasked with updating their workflow, and they turned towards IP production.  The specific tools they set out to use were PTZOptics pan, tilt, zoom cameras, and they wanted to control these cameras from a NewTek TriCaster.  This would allow the team to eliminate legacy production elements that were holding back their workflow in the new landscape.  

"We had worked with the owner, Paul Salazar, on providing segments for the NAB show in Las Vegas, where they first started using PTZ cameras to host the NAB show live. It was such a great experience, they inquired about using them at their studio in Miami. The idea was to have PTZ cameras inside each Autoscript teleprompter to provide greater automation."

-Paul Richards, PTZOptics

Ultimately, this installation would decrease production costs, while still increasing production quality for broadcast beat.  The workflow allowed for a reduced need for camera operators, by building PTZ Camera presets directly into the TriCaster System.  Now the production operator can build all of his camera movements before showtime, and simply must pick from a list during the broadcast.  

The upgrade to the Broadcast Beat studio was a major success, and an NDI workflow is now effectively in place.  Check out this article from to learn more.  

Learn more about PTZOptics HERE.

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