PTZOptics Case Study: Live streaming with 7 NDI|HX Cameras!

In a recent Case Study, Orleans Town Hall in Massachusetts shares the success they had with PTZOptics NDI|HX PTZ cameras. Sarah Eaton who has been with Orleans Town Hall for 15 years and her coworker Mia Baumgarten knew when COVID-19 hit that the equipment they had wouldn't be able to handle the projects they needed to take on. They turned to Kevin Shanley of East West Associates and the three of them worked together to create a solution. 

The goal for Orleans Town Hall was to record all regulatory meetings, boards, and committees and live stream these meetings to the public online and via local television (Channel 18), as well as streamed and available on-demand through the Orleans Town Hall Website.

“We wanted to make sure we worked with them to bring in a fully integrated solution to meet their needs and meet the needs of the town as they continue to grow.”
Kevin Shanley

Shanley and his team decided the perfect solution would be to install seven PTZOptics NDI|HX PTZ cameras. Three in the small conference room and four in the large conference room. These PTZ cameras mount perfectly and allowed all participants around the U-shaped table to be seen. 

All the cameras fed into a switching running vMix. The system is run by one operator, which is either Eaton or Baumgarten.

“Not only do they often have 2 meetings going on at once, but they also publicly have a phone number or tech support if someone can’t get on. They not only run two meetings, but they run full tech support for participants and community members to ensure they can tune in. That is something no one else has.”
Kevin Shanley

Orleans Town Hall is already planning for the future and is interested in taking cameras and setting them up via NDI to loop in exterior buildings such as the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) room in the police station.

Check out the full case study here!

Learn more about PTZOptics here!

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