PTZOptics Guide to Worship Live Streaming with PTZ cameras

PTZ Cameras can be a valuable tool for any house of worship stream. PTZOptics' chief streaming officer recently wrote an article for twelvethirtymedia about the place of PTZ cameras in Church Streaming.

PTZ cameras are great for church streaming.  Presets can be made to follow the speaker, and members of the congregation can be used to operate these cameras either via joystick or remote control.  In addition, presets can be made so that important elements of the service can be seen at the push of a button. 

The article asserts that churches of all kinds can benefit from a production with PTZ Cameras.  

Small Churches

A small church performing services over zoom or in person might benefit from a PTZ camera like the PTZOptics 12X USB Camera.  This camera can feed directly into zoom, and give those watching a home a good idea of the service, through camera movements and better illustration. 

Medium Churches

When medium churches look to upgrade their equipment, they are usually starting from a static camera and OBS.  One common setup for churches like these to upgrade two is a configuration with two PTZOptics NDI cameras.    This allows for easy control all over one ethernet cable. 

Large Churches

Large churches often have greater financial resources and a larger staff to forma  production crew.  For these setups PTZOptics SDI cameras are often a great choice- leaving room for long cable runs and no compression.  

Check out the full article HERE.

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