PTZOptics Hive Remote Production Demonstration

n a recent video from Office Hours Global, Paul Richards and the PTZOptics team introduce their innovative Hive platform for remote production. Hive revolutionizes the industry by offering automated complex camera control and facial recognition tracking, all with remarkably low latency for remote operators.

Key Features of the Hive Platform:

  • Automated Camera Control: Simplifies the management of multiple cameras, allowing for seamless transitions and enhanced production quality.
  • Facial Recognition Tracking: Ensures precise and reliable tracking of subjects, making remote productions more professional and efficient.
  • Low Latency Performance: Provides real-time responsiveness, crucial for live events and dynamic environments.

Explore the future of remote production with PTZOptics and see how Hive can transform your workflow. Watch the full demonstration video on Office Hours Global to see these cutting-edge features in action.

0:00 Panel Discussion - PTZOptics Hub
1:28 PTZOptics history
5:08 Invitation to control the PTZOptics cameras via HIVE
7:25 Expirations settings
8:41 Camera control limits
9:49 Supported cameras
12:48 Movement controls
14:54 Hive Pricing
18:54 Local mode
19:17 Workflows
22:10 Camera Shading across camera brands
25:38 What is HIVE?
29:13 Will Hive support legacy PTZs or other brands?
29:52 Can you save specific “show” files to recall presets and optics settings?
32:10 Is there a secure VPN being used from the cloud to the site where the cameras are?
33:05 Will there be updates to the PTZ Control App to give the XBox Joystick plugin more ‘on controller’ features and switchability?
33:59 Is there an event based pricing structure for occasional remote control use?
36:31 How does this production software manage conflicts between multiple users trying to adjust the same camera parameters?
39:17 Did you purchase IRIS or are you licensing it for your HIVE product?
39:45 Is Hive a wrapper of Visca over IP control plus NDI video monitoring or something else?
41:00 Have you built a driver set that would function as a “converter” to allow control over Ethernet for UVC PTZ cameras?
43:36 How do you get your audio and what is the latency like when mixing remotely?
49:06 Are you using MFA Multi Factor Authentication at all?
49:43 Do you provide SSH/shell access to your cameras to install software? Do you provide an extensible API to control your cameras from languages like Python?
50:26 Whose cloud does this sit in?
50:38 Can you setup two presets and slowly move between to help producers create dynamic content?
52:28 Are local hours different to cloud hours?
53:05 Is it compatible with Wirecast, or just OBS & V-Mix?
53:21 Could your platform be useful for remote camera operation for a small venue?
53:55 Will a joystick be able to be used remotely as well?
56:35 Have you built any tools that help manage audio in a room similar to the audio meters currently onstage in the OH Theatre?
57:28 Would you ever put up a 24/7 online “Demo PTZ camera” that folks could control?

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