PTZOptics Hive Studio Demo with Paul Richards

On This Week's Videoguys Live, Gary is joined by Paul from PTZOptics in-studio as they unveil the future of live broadcasting with the all-new PTZOptics Hive Studio. Discover browser-based camera control, live video switching, and recording in an intuitive interface.

Centralized Control and Streamlined Workflows
Streamline your workflows with Hive. Real-time collaboration allows you to work in sync on live video – from the comfort of your home or right on set.

"Hive-Linked" Hardware Advantage
Hive is embedded in PTZOptics cameras, enabling instant cloud control with no hardware, plugins, or extra software needed.

Best in Class Camera Control, From Anywhere in the World
Advanced framing and color correction tools help you bring out the best of your camera. And you can do it from anywhere, anytime.

Cinematic Control
Automate complex camera movements for easy cinematic framing. Our new framing tools make beautiful video production effortless.

Auto-Tracking On Any Camera
Leverage cutting-edge tracking algorithms and facial recognition for industry-leading tracking performance. The best part? It works with any brand of PTZ camera.

Cloud Control
Manage your cameras from any location worldwide with sub-300ms latency, making remote control as simple as logging in.

Unlimited Custom Presets
Organize and save an unlimited number of presets by category or shot type for quick access and consistency.

Intuitive Color Tools
Our platform’s color tools are designed to provide standard color control that works seamlessly across camera makes and models.

Live Color Adjustments
Make live adjustments to your camera’s color settings and create presets that adapt to various production environments.

Advanced Color Matching
Employ sophisticated color matching across multiple cameras to achieve a cohesive look throughout your production.

Image Presets
Leverage image presets and fine-tuning options to achieve the perfect aesthetic, reflecting your brand’s identity or the event’s mood.

Seamless Video Switching
Choose from different transitions or switch between multiple cameras in real-time. PTZOptics Hive is perfect for pre-recorded and live productions.

RTMP Streaming
Hive supports RTMP streaming, enabling direct live streaming to popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more.

ISO Input Recording
Hive offers individual input and output/stream recording locally. This flexibility ensures that no critical content is missed.

NDI® Outputs
Output up to 4K at 60fps, ensuring seamless integration into popular production software like OBS, vMix, and more.

Instant Camera Discovery
Add any camera model or brand in seconds through Hive Studio’s auto-discovery feature.

Customized Controls
Whether you’re using an Xbox controller or StreamDeck, design your workflow with personalized hotkeys for a control experience that’s uniquely yours.

Cross-Brand Compatibility
Not limited to PTZOptics or PTZ cameras, Hive supports a growing list of over 400 major camera models.

Unified Interface
Camera management is a breeze with Hive’s user-friendly interface that adapts to your make or model of camera.

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