PTZOptics Livestreaming Studio Setup at Zoomtopia

As the AV industry evolves, PTZOptics is evolving with it. PTZOptics recently demonstrated their current studio live streaming setup.

PTZOptics' current set up is optimal for the growing world of remote video conferencing in high quality, as well as in studio productions.  They've truly tested the limits of their systems, based on new technologies.  

Check out this video of their live streaming studio tour at Zoomtopia

Our livestreaming system leverages a Windows computer with two four-port SDI cards, allowing vMix video production software to accommodate eight unique camera angles. While eight cameras may seem intimidating for someone new to video production, it’s usually the case that you start with one or two, and add more as necessary. The first camera I demonstrated with was the HuddleCamHD Pro, a 4K USB-connected webcam certified by Zoom. Using vMix as a camera switcher, I could easily switch between multiple cameras and provide Zoom with a virtual webcam output. In this way, any animated graphics or camera switching is sent directly into the Zoom application running on the same computer. The HuddleCamHD Pro can be controlled with Zoom, vMix or a simple IR remote. For this demonstration, I controlled all cameras with vMix to have one central location for production.

-Paul Richards, PTZOptics

Check out this article to learn more. 

Learn more about PTZOptics HERE.

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