PTZOptics Move SE is Super Excellent!

At CES 2024, PTZOptics launched the Move SE camera line, a game-changer in the live-streaming industry, with prices starting at $999. This move signifies a significant leap towards making professional live-streaming technology more accessible across diverse sectors, including education, entertainment, healthcare, and industrial manufacturing.

Paul Richards, Chief Revenue Officer at PTZOptics, emphasized the brand's commitment to providing industry-specific solutions. The Move SE and 4K camera lines aim to democratize professional video technology, enhancing audience engagement in various sectors.

Key features introduced include enhanced presenter tracking with new composition modes and dynamic zoom, a new auto-framing feature ideal for group interactions, and an expanded PTZOptics API G3 with five times more options, including auto-tracking and framing functionalities. Privacy Mode has been introduced to prioritize user privacy by turning the lens away, entering standby for quick reactivation.

PTZOptics showcased over ten new features for their PTZ cameras at CES 2024, highlighting the brand's dedication to advancing video technology. The Move SE Camera Line, recognized for affordability and professional-grade capabilities, has been awarded the 'Best PTZ Camera' by VideoMaker Magazine, showcasing its impact on the consumer electronics industry.

PTZOptics' legacy of excellence continues with previous awards such as the 'Best Live Streaming Webcam' at last year's CES for the Studio Pro camera. Beyond product innovation, PTZOptics is reshaping how professionals approach live streaming and content creation through its commitment to affordability and versatility.

Visit PTZOptics at CES 2024, booth 23228 in the Central Hall, to experience firsthand their groundbreaking technology. With a focus on versatility and affordability, PTZOptics is setting new benchmarks in the consumer electronics industry, empowering various sectors with superior video technology. As a leader in broadcast-quality PTZ cameras and professional live-streaming equipment, PTZOptics is dedicated to transforming video production and live streaming across different market verticals.

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