PTZOptics Move SE Starting at Under $1,000!!

Built on the award-winning PTZOptics camera line, the PTZ and auto-tracking features you love are now more within reach than ever. The PTZOptics Move SE combines HDMI, SDI, USB, and IP outputs – plus NDI®|HX upgradeability – all into a single camera. Ideal for live streaming and video production, the Move SE offers high-quality video with a resolution of 1080p at 60fps. And with SONY CMOS image sensors, you can count on excellent image quality even in low-light scenarios.

Plus, starting at just $999, the PTZOptics Move SE is ideal for multi-camera productions and large-scale deployments.

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Pre-Show Podcast 1:04
Live Show Intro 32:16
Welcome 34:58
Housekeeping 36:13
Share Your Vision 38:00
Introducing the MOVE SE 38:54
Unboxing the MOVE SE 45:18
MOVE SE Awards 48:32
Connect the MOVE SE to OBS 49:16
Connect the MOVE SE to vMix 54:12
Connect the MOVE SE to Zoom 59:01
Control the MOVE SE with the SuperJoy 1:01:22
Control the MOVE SE with the Smartphone App 1:06:14
MOVE SE Auto Tracking Demo 1:09:45
Who should use the MOVE SE? 1:18:18
Q&A 1:21:24
PTZOptics CMP Software 1:22:00
Q&A 1:23:57
Lost Internet 1:30:05
We are Back! 1:30:51
Who's to blame Lol 1:32:12
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