PTZOptics NDI Firmware Instructions are Here

Ok Everyone, The PTZOptics NDI firmware is ready. It is available here: Here are all the updates included: 1. Camera will now be “NDI Ready” 2. NDI Modes - Pre-set recommended NDI IP Encoding Settings 3. The Device ID in the information section is the “friendly name” in NDI workflows 4. Presets 1-9 include focus 4. 720p @ 120 for P/T/Z SDI models only 5. Video Plugin in IP GUI now works in Internet Explorer (via dropdown) 6. WebGUI Image Settings impact OSD settings 7. New IR shortcut for DHCP → # 4 (Set for DHCP) vs # 4 (Shows IP info) 8. Removed “D-HotPixel” from Noise Reduction in OSD 9. Added “Auto Scan Shoot” in Setup in OSD Additional Updates: 1. IP Address Settings Tool (Version 2.6C) 2. Now includes Preview Screen 3. Now includes PTZ Controls with OSD capabilities

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