PTZOptics with NewTek TriCaster Integration

Check out all of these PTZOptics TriCaster Integration videos. PTZOptics is proud to announce complete NewTek integration for control of pan, tilt, and zoom functions. They now support the TriCaster Mini, 410, 460, 860 and 8000 PTZOptics TriCaster Integration Videos At PTZOptics we strive to provide integration videos for NewTek TriCasters. The following videos outline integration with the latest NewTek TriCaster Mini, TriCaster 460 and inter-operability for all professional TriCaster Models. In these video, lead support technician Andrew Chatfield reviews the compatibility and limitations of the PTZOptics cameras. In general, camera control can be fully integrated into your NewTek workspace and full 1080p video quality can be achieved. We hope these videos are helpful and you always refer to our Knowledge Base for additional information. IP Camera Control & Color Grading for PTZOptics Cameras inside a Tricaster In this video, Jim Davis from DVS Direct reviews the latest NewTek Tricaster IP camera controls and camera color grading features with PTZOptics caemras. Jim Davis is the CEO and owner of DVS Direct a Platinum NewTek TriCaster dealer. Newtek is world-known as the leader in video production, live streaming and broadcast solutions. The NewTek NDI has changed the industry for professional video production and live broadcast” says Jim Davis “…we are excited to review the latest NewTek NDI features, IP camera control for PTZOptics and color grading techniques live on YouTube.”

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TriCaster Mini Integration Tutorial In this video Paul Schmultzer from demonstrates just how easy it is to integrate PTZOptics cameras with a NewTek TriCaster Mini.

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TriCaster IP Camera Control Overview

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