PTZOptics PTZ cameras and NETGEAR M4250 Switches are a match made in heaven!

PTZOptics recently partnered with NETGEAR to create powerful video over IP solutions. Often PTZOptics is asked what they should pair their PTZOptics camera with and they always recommend NETGEAR Network Switches. Here's what they say about their M4250 Series.

"Designed with input from industry professionals, the GSM4212P is engineered for 1G AV over IP. Enjoy rear-facing ports that ensure a clean integration in AV racks, and specific NDI® profiles for complete NDI® compatibility. A perfect selection for PTZOptics NDI® and IP options."

This partnership is a match made in heaven and perfect for small workflows, small studio setups, and pro level studio packages. 

See their official annoucement here!


Check out the full article here!

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