PTZOptics releases two free IP based PTZ applications for both Mac and PC

Take a look at this video from PTZOptics announcing their new camera control App that will be available on both MAC & PC. This application will make controlling your PTZ camera even easier! From PTZOptics

MAC & PC PTZ Camera Control App

PTZOptics is proud to announce the release of two free IP based PTZ camera controls applications for both Mac and PC. These new camera control applications have gone through extensive beta testing in the PTZOptics Facebook User Group. The active community has contributed many feature requests that have built in to create the ideal camera operator experience. The applications now provide some of the most advanced pan, tilt and zoom functionality available on the market today.

The complete feature list is as follows:

Control up to 8 PTZOptics cameras over an IP connection (LAN) Compact, Advanced and Preview Modes Live Video Preview Mode with automatic camera switching (Windows Only) Full-Screen Camera Preview Modes (SD & HD Options for bandwidth conservation) (Windows Only) Name each unique camera Set up to 9 camera presets Name each unique preset & capture image representations Pan, Tilt and Zoom Speeds Pan & Tilt Speed Locks Iris Controls Focus Controls (With Focus Speed) Selectable exposure modes (Auto, Manual, SAE, AAE and Brightness) Advanced image controls for Contrast, Luminance, and Hue Select between exposure modes Flip and Mirror camera image On Screen Display Controls Real-time reporting of camera options status

Click here to Watch on YouTube.

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