PTZOptics Super Joy IP Controller takes your AV Production to the Next Level

The PTZOptics SuperJoy is an exciting new controller from PTZOptics that brings IP control to a host of different PTZ Cameras. SuperJoy feautres advanced control for a wide variety of IP based cameras, as well as serial control.

SuperJoy can be used with Panasonic, BirdDog, HuddleCamHD, NewTek and of course PTZOptics cameras, among many others. Users can control numerous cameras at once, as well as edit speed and movement. They can also create numerous presets for easy automation.

Check out this demo video of the SuperJoy from PTZOptics.

SuperJoy is also perfect for productions of all sizes with it's three separate modes.  Basic and Basic Plus mode are for smaller scale users controlling a single camera at once.  Matrix Mode allows for automation between three cameras simultaneously.  

Super Preset buttons can also trigger synchronized commands for cameras and external devices like full production switchers.  This enables fewer steps for productions, meaning SuperJoy can streamline your entire process. 

Check out this article by Paul Richards for to learn more. 



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