PTZOptics SuperJoy Intro, New Features, & NDI!

Unlock the full potential of your production endeavors with the revolutionary PTZOptics SuperJoy, a cutting-edge PTZ camera joystick controller expertly hosted by Paul in this insightful video from PTZOptics. Designed to deliver a powerful, precise, and versatile production experience, the SuperJoy elevates remote pan, tilt, and zoom camera operations through a user-friendly interface equipped with advanced controls tailored for power users. This video delves into the streamlined, real-time production capabilities offered by the SuperJoy, boasting an intuitive tactile interface that simplifies even the most intricate production setups. Discover how the SuperJoy's HDMI video output, providing a crystal-clear 1080p video preview, enhances your workflow by allowing seamless camera control and low-latency live video preview over a local area network. With ergonomic, rubberized controls, pressure-sensitive dials, and status-responsive backlit buttons, the SuperJoy ensures precise on-the-fly tuning without the need for OSD adjustments. Take your production to new heights with SuperJoy's unparalleled capabilities, complemented by optional tablet/computer control for convenient remote monitoring.

Watch the full video below:

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