PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ Camera Controller Product Spotlight

The PTZOptics SuperJoy Controller is a powerful PTZ joystick with precise and flexible controls for your production.

Check out our Product Spotlight on this Controller, Below:

The PTZOptics SuperJoy is designed for production workflows that take remote pan, tilt, and zoom operations to the next level- all with a simplified and straight forward user interface and advanced controls for professionals.

SuperJoy features simultaneous NDI v4|HX, IP and serial control, making it perfect for a wide range of PTZ cameras. In addition, it is compatible with multiple major brands outside PTZOptics like HuddleCamHD, NewTek, BirdDog, Panasonic, Sony and more. If it has IP control, chances are SuperJoy can control it.

This keyboard gives a great tactile feel to your production team with metal exterior casing and rubberized buttons. It features a straight forward keyboard and joy stick, as well as a large LCD screen with controller status .

SuperJoy also gives tremendous support for productions of any size, with the ability to create four camera control groups with up to 7 devices in each group. Users can also build up to 255 PTZ presets, including nine quick presets and four super presets.

Producers can take advantage of 3 different modes with SuperJoy:

  1. Basic and Basic Plus mode: can limit functions to presets and single camera control, for a straight forward production.
  2. Matrix Mode: enables operators to create and call presets across up to three cameras simultaneously.
  3. Custom buttons: can also be built by expert users for automation.

The PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ Controller comes in at $899 and is backed with PTZOptics’ 2 Year warranty.

Learn more about the SuperJoy HERE.

Learn more about PTZOptics HERE.



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