PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ Controller Unboxing

The PTZOptics SuperJoy Controller is a powerful PTZ joystick with precise and flexible controls for your production. We're here to unbox the PTZOptics SuperJoy joystick, and discuss the level of power and flexibility this controller can bring to your production.

SuperJoy is perfect for live streaming productions of any kind or size, with flexibility and the capability to control a single, or multiple PTZ cameras, with custom buttons on board for increased automations, and multiple modes of control for each kind of user.  

  1. Basic and Basic Plus mode can limit functions to presets and single camera control, for a straight forward production.  
  2. Matrix Mode enables operators to create and call presets across up to three cameras simultaneously. 

SuperJoy can also be used to control multiple different types of PTZ cameras, including PTZOptics, Huddlecam, Panasonic, BirdDog, NewTek and more.  If it has IP control, chances are SuperJoy will control it.

Check out our unboxing video
for the PTZOptics SuperJoy, below:

Learn more about SuperJoy HERE.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about PTZOptics HERE.

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