PTZOptics: Top 10 Reasons for Upgrading to NDI

PTZOptics PTZ cameras are packed with features that are perfect for house of worship, education, goverment, sports, and more. If you own a PTZOptics PTZ camera in the USB or SDI model and are interesting in making it even more powerful by adding NDI|HX you're in luck! PTZOptics has recently lowered the price of their NDI License upgrade. PTZOptics says " With this license upgrade, you can get all the benefits of your PTZ camera with the added power and convenience of the most advanced video over IP solution available. Here are a few reasons why you should upgrade your camera to NDI®|HX."

PTZOptics' recent article highlights 10 reasons why you should upgrade your PTZ camera to NDI®|HX. Here's what they say. 

1. Say Goodbye to SDI Cables
Upgrading to NDI®|HX allows you to use a standard ethernet cable to attach the camera to your closest ethernet switch. If your switch is on the same network as your production computer or switcher you can connect. Normally you would use SDI cabling that requires a direct line run from each camera to the switcher or computer interface. 

2. One Cable Does it All
With NDI®|HX you can handle everything on one ethernet cable instead of having mulitple cables operate you PTZ camera.

3. Multiple Simulcast Options
Produce multiple, custom simulcast options simultaneously with NDI®|HX. PTZOptics gives the example "For instance, one switcher might handle the iMag (image magnification) in the room. Another might handle the main live stream. Another might send a different stream with subtitles and graphics in Spanish. Yet another could produce a custom feed for an overflow room."

4. Simplified Signal Flow for Easier Troubleshooting
NDI®|HX allows you handle everything on your computer instead of trying to figure out why your camera is offline.

5. Next-Level Video Conferencing
NDI®|HX brings a whole new level to video conferencing. You can use an equipped camera on your network, making it possible to switch between cameras and control the pan, tilt, zoom.

6. Extremely Low Latency
PTZOptics says "If you run your system using traditional video over IP and not NDI®|HX, you may have issues with latency. Because of this, some producers are reluctant to make the switch. However, with the latest version of NDI®|HX, suitable computers, and a gigabit ethernet switch, you can share video with no noticeable latency issues."

7. Simple Installation
NDI®|HX makes it simple and time efficient! 

8. Works for Any Size and Budget Production
NDI®|HX is perfect for any solutions. Whether you're a school, house of worship, or just live streaming for fun NDI|HX makes everything easy. 

9. Ultimate Scalability
If you've been in content creation and your ready to expand, skip over buying all new equipment. With NDI®|HX to add a camera all you need is an open ethernet port on your network.

10. Works with Most Popular Software
Programs compatible with NDI®|HX include: vMix, Wirecast, OBS, NewBlueFX Titler, and more.

Check out the full article here!

If you are interested in the NDI|HX upgrade learn more here!

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