PTZOptics Webinar with Paul Richards for NDI November

On today's Videoguys Live NDI November Webinar, host, Gary Bettan, is joined by PTZOptics' Paul Richards.

Paul Richards is very prolific in the creation of NDI resources, and PTZOptics was one of the first companies to begin developing NDI, and using it in PTZ Cameras.

Check out the full webinar below:

NDI PTZ Cameras:

Paul and Gary cover PTZOptics line of NDI PTZ Cameras, and their upgradeable USB or SDI cameras. A simple upgrade can make any PTZOptics PTZ Camera NDI Capable.

Z Cams:

In addition, we also cover the PTZOptics ZCams, which bring NDI to a fixed camera, for close up focus. This same idea was also bought to PTZOptics NDI EPTZ Box cameras, which are in a fixed format, but offer EPTZ Capability.


EPTZ Capability means a camera can capture in 4K, and bring in a second zoomed in input, to move about the screen in 1080p. This feature is available in both the EPTZ Webcam from Huddlecam HD and the PTZOptics EPTZ ZCam.


Lastly, Gary and Paul discussed the PTZOptics WirelessCable. This device functions the same as an ethernet cable, and transmits a signal over a greater, wireless distance. This means NDI can be extended over WiFi, truly expanding it's capability.

Learn more about PTZOptics HERE.

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