PTZOptics WirelessCable Product Spotlight

The PTZOptics WirelessCable is an easy solution for connecting IP based cameras to your production system from up to 1300 feet away- with no cables!

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Designed for flexible live streaming and video production, The PTZOptics Wireless Cable is a wireless Ethernet solution based on NDI technology! Need more than 1,300 feet... the Wireless Cable also has daisy-chaining capabilities which can increase distances between your cameras to more than 5,000 feet!

WirelessCables are professional grade WAPS (Wireless Access Points), not just links, meaning any standard wireless IP or NDI device can seamlessly connect.

Simply plug one wireless cable into your network, and the other into your IP based camera. After a simple 3 minute set up, you’re ready to go.

This low latency wireless solution is an ideal pairing with the NewTek TriCaster, Wirecast Gear, and software streaming systems like vMix, OBS and more. The PTZOptics Wireless Cable fits perfectly into workflows in houses of worship, corporate video, and education – and it’s the ideal add-on for live sports producers who want to add more cameras covering the field without long cable runs.

The PTZOptics Wireless Cable pre-paired kit is just $1,155 and additional stations may be added for more cameras and/or longer signal range for just $578.00 each.

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