PTZOptics WirelessCable: Simple and Easy Wireless Ethernet for IP Video

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The PTZOptics WirelessCable is the easiest way to connect IP-based cameras and equipment to your video production system. This device is completely wireless up to 1,300 feet away- with no latency added. The WirelessCable is designed for a variety of software and hardware including: Livestream Studio, the NewTek Tricaster, Wirecast, vMix, Open Broadcaster Software and more. The WirelessCable will help video production teams leverage IP technology in a new easy way, providing 300 Megabits of bandwidth to remote locations for live production.

This line of transceivers are named the "WirelessCable" because it was designed to function as an Ethernet cable. However, unlike an Ethernet cable, it provides the flexibility to extend a network hundreds of feet without a physical cable.

The Wireless Cable provides a wireless Ethernet connection to your devices up to 1,300 feet away. Better yet, no configuration or networking setups are required! Just plug one WirelessCable into your network, and the other into your PTZOptics camera- or other device. Your network will bridge with an Ethernet output as if connected with a regular Ethernet cable- with near zero latency.

Applications are ideal for broadcast, corporate, education, house of worship, sports, agricultural, security purposes and more. The WirelessCable brings about the ability to set up mobile productions of up to hundreds of feet without lengthy cable runs. This product also drastically reduces the production time required to set up and tear down a traditional Ethernet set up with a cable connection.

Organizations will now easily be able to set up remote access points as temporary or permanent networking solutions. This means a house of worship can quick add IP connectivity to reach places for use cameras, computers, displays, Etc. A sports production team will be able to set up multiple remote camera on the field for separate unique shots without the process of laying complex cables.

The WirelessCable also includes additional advanced features. Users can now handle three (3) units to their first pair to handle a total of four (4) wirelessly connecting devices and five (5) units. Daisy chain allows users to obtain a maximum transmission distance of up to 5,200 feet- almost a full mile.

For more information about the WirelessCable Daisy chaining capabilities reference the PTZOptics advanced setup video.

With IP communications becoming more and more relevant, the WirelessCable will become an essential tool for many live broadcast productions.

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