PTZOptics ZCam's Videoguys Product Spotlight

This week's Videoguys Product Spotlight features the PTZOptics ZCam models. The PTZOptics ZCam-20X and the ZCam-VL are great additions to any broadcast being both easy-to-use and affordable. Both cameras provide similar qualities that added to a broadcast with PTZOptics PTZ cameras will easily match to them and give you the ability to get different angles that would be more difficult without. The ZCam-VL for instance can use other lenses that fit the camera, but with the included wide angle lens can get you an 122 degree field of view for excellent stand-alone wide shots of whatever your production entails. Also, be sure to check out our webinar with Paul from PTZOptics as well to get even more insight to these ZCam's as well as everything else PTZOptics has in store. And stay tuned for our weekly product spotlight videos on our YouTube channel.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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