PVC at NAB 2014 - G-Technology

PVC by Scott Simmons

New drives solution to match your new Mac Pro are just one of the G-Tech options

I couldn’t go to NAB without stopping by G-Technology and see what’s new in their storage options. These guys will always hold a special place in my heart as there were some of the first firewire drives that I ever owned. Firewire is long in the past and Thunderbolt is their thing now. The new STUDIO SERIES was their big showcase but they had other stuff as well.

G-Tech has long made good looking old MacPro-look aluminum chassis-ed drives but the new Studio Series is designed to sit alongside a new Mac Pro. They are full on RAIDs in a new enclosure. I hope they work on the latch design of that little door you see on top of them as the madness of the show floor broke the latching mechanism.

The other drive we looked at was the G Drive Pro. This is a Thunderbolt drive designed to give SSD speeds at spinning drive costs. It looks like it could be a great solution for certain needs. read more...

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