PVC at NAB 2014 - NewBlue FX and Titler Pro 3.0

PVC by Scott Simmons

Among other improvements to Titler Pro think TEMPLATES!

While in the plug-in pavilion at NAB 2014 I dropped by the NewBlue FX booth to take a look at Titler Pro 3.0. This is a big update to their popular Titler Pro product that includes one very nice, very helpful thing:templates.

Titler Pro 3.0 isn’t shipping yet but watch the video as the mention of templates means more than just saving setups for easy reuse. Imagine producing tons of lowers thirds and then being able to change a small parameter in the template on which they were all based and have that change ripple through all those lower thirds you had already created and edited into your program. That could some in handy for sure. read more...

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