PVC Roundtable Discussion: The Future of Hard Drives

Read 4 pro's thoughts on the future of storage and hard drives in light of cloud storage and security concerns... From ProVideoCoalition

What does the future of local storage and the cloud look like?

G-Tech G-Speed Shuttle XLWhether we’re talking about archive, workflow, storage or the post-production process itself, more and more is headed to the cloud. That means service providers are now more focused on cloud storage and internet speeds, not the access to the service in the first place. It also means the next step is to figure out how to merge most, if not all content to the digital realm in the sky versus keeping the content on a drive in a drawer or closet somewhere. However, this process isn’t going to happen overnight. The multitude of review and approval options for video pros is a perfect illustration of how the cloud is currently being used by productions of all sizes, but the costs associated with asset management for finished assets in real time is still significant. Utilizing more traditional tools and services still makes sense today, but those prices and capabilities continue to change and evolve. What it means to keep content on a hard drive will undoubtedly be very different in the near future. In light of such developments, the transition of content to the digital realm is something we need to consider. Is this transition wholly dependent on the cost of Internet bandwidth? Should we view this transition as a foregone conclusion, or will other factors keep parts of the post-production process independent of the cloud? Are security issues as problematic as the problem of siloed data on hard drives? Does this transition represent increases to efficiency that will be able to be quantified in a real manner?

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