Q & A: Boris Yamnitsky, CEO of Boris FX on Boris Continuum Complete 8 AE and AVX

StudioDaily by Beth Marchant

We caught up with Boris Yamnitsky, founder and CEO of Boris FX, to find out more about the latest version of the company's flagship plug-in suite, Boris Continuum Complete, its most comprehensive and popular collection to date.

Q: You've just released Boris Continuum Complete 8 for After Effects and Avid. What's unique about this particular version???

A: BCC 8 is definitely a big story for us this year. As you know, BCC is our flagship product that combines technologies from across our product line, from Boris BLUE to Boris RED. During the development cycle, the main focus was to take the best of BCC and make it even better. We wanted to take another look at all the things in BCC that our customers love, like particles, lights and lens flares. And, as a developer, it was a real pleasure to go back to our code and fine-tune it to make it not just better, but better integrated with the host systems, especially After Effects.BCC has evolved to support all of After Effects' native features, like cameras and lights. We even import After Effects masks in many new filters.

Q: How did the competition, like Trapcode Particular, influence your approach to the update?

A: We've had particles in our packages as far back as the 1990s, and this time around we've completely modernized it with OpenGL rendering and After Effects integration. We also added a number of very unique features, like a particle emitter that follows an AE path. We believe we're the only ones right now with a product that does that. Feedback has been great so far. Everyone loves the new particles filter, recognizing the huge improvement over our earlier version. read more...

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