Q&A with Josh Apter, Creator of The Padcaster

ProductionHub by Michael Valinsky

Q: So, what exactly is The Padcaster?

A: The Padcaster is a rugged iPad case turned mobile production studio that transforms your Apple tablet into an all-in-one moviemaking machine. This sturdy, customizable case lets videographers attach lights, mics and other filmmaking accessories and enhancements to the iPad. Paired with the Lenscaster, the combo takes the iPad from ordinary tablet to high-tech production device.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for such a product? Was there an exact moment when the lightbulb went on and you thought of creating this device?

A: When I saw that you could shoot HD video, edit it and upload it to almost anywhere (YouTube, Vimeo, CNN ireport, FTP) all on the iPad. It was faster than anything I’d ever seen and something literally clicked. It turned out to be a hernia, but while I was in surgery, I got the idea for the Padcaster. (OK, not that last part.)

Q: How did you go about actually creating this? What was the process of invention like? Take us inside the mind of a new inventor.

A: I tried a few home-brewed versions - a gutted contractor’s clipboard, a metal picture frame - then I called an engineer friend from Philly who agreed to work nights and weekends to help design what eventually became the production model. Inside the mind of an inventor is a scary and lonely place that I’m doing you a favor by not taking you to.

Q: Who is The Padcaster intended for?

A: The Padcaster is designed for video journalists, independent filmmakers, videographers, DSLR shooters and other creatives who are passionate about exploring new media for producing film. read more...

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