QTV Sports using Streamstar solutions for innovative streaming services

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The UK-based sports live streaming and digital content strategy provider is delivering a wealth of high quality video coverage using a multi-camera set-up and live streaming solutions from Streamstar.

Working across platforms, QTV Sports has in the past two years alone streamed 1,700 hours of sports events for more than a dozen national governing bodies and international federations, achieving audiences of over three million viewers in 160 countries. It has also secured the rights to broadcast some of the most followed sports around the world, including tournaments hosted by the ICC and British Tennis. Match highlights, interviews, and behind-the-scenes features via real-time social media clips are all part of the QTV offering.

Jack McGill, CEO of QTV Sports, comments: ?From day one, it was vital for us to employ an efficient and cost-effective system to achieve seamless remote productions to meet the demands of delivering live sports content to hundreds of thousands of sports fans. After considering various options from other manufacturers, we chose Streamstar?s innovative streaming solutions because of their versatility and ease-of-use. We felt that this would give our viewers unrivalled access to an extensive range of sports content in real-time.?

Explaining the need for cost efficiency, McGill adds: ?With avid fans demanding anytime, anywhere content, the call for streaming live sports events of any disciplinary has snowballed. Therefore it was essential for us to implement a remote production solution that would stand the test of time and remain a long-term investment. We were looking to develop a more cost effective live sports production model for our clients. The team had been following Streamstar?s progress. After some experimentation with other providers, we proudly became the first UK-based operator of Streamstar?s groundbreaking live streaming infrastructure.? read more...

Turn Your Computer into a Multi-Camera Streaming Video System with STREAMSTAR WEBCAST LiTE

Click here to watch a video of
Live in action!

STREAMSTAR introduces the most affordable, versatile and easiest to use streaming solutions including the WEBCAST LiTE software with HDMI input hardware. All of the new STREAMSTAR products available at Videoguys.com include the WEBCAST LiTE software - an extremely affordable tool to easily produce broadcast quality productions for universities, schools, sport clubs, convention centers, hotels, government agencies, music clubs, businesses, churches, radio stations, entertainment venues or podcasters ? anyone who wants to share and promote their events by streaming live video.

WEBCAST LiTE Key Features:

  1. Easy to use - absolutely intuitive, almost no need for any lenghty training? 10 minutes is mostly enough to start working
  2. Speed of operation - faster than any other solution available today.
    Get ready to stream live in under 2 minutes!
  3. All in one solution - no need for anything else - no boxes, cables
  4. Innovative - Modern approach to switching and production
  5. Touch control - WEBCAST LiTE is optimized for touchscreen interfaces!

HDMI 2-Camera
Streaming Solution

WEBCAST LiTE 2 includes a 2x HDMI camera inputs for use with affordable HDMI camcorders.You may also use the HDMI output of any computer, tablet or even a smart phone to ingest other content into your productions.


HDMI 4-Camera Streaming Solution

HDMI 4-Camera Streaming Solution with Instant Replay and Slow Motion

WEBCAST LiTE 4S includes the same 4-input HDMI hardware with additional software capability to add Replay and Slow Motion Playback from any of the 4 HDMI sources. This is the perfect solution for Sports broadcasts and more!


Multi-Camera HD-SDI Solution with Replay & Slow Motion

Now you can ingest content from any HDMI camcorder, a smartphone, an action cam or the output from a laptop running PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, live scores and timers from SCOREPLUS ? STREAMSTARS? own character generator application or a social media website ? all that can easily become part of your live production.


Videoguys' Tech Note: STREAMSTAR WEBCAST LiTE software and hardware HDMI solutions are the perfect addition to HP Workstations and also work great in a machine built to Videoguys' DIY 10 recommendations

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