Quick Test: FCPX 10.0.6

Camera Log on PVC by Adam Wilt

Solid gains in the new FCPX release, with no obvious drawbacks.

Someone has to be the first to stick a toe in the water when a new update comes out, so I jumped in with both feet. I’m running FCPX 10.0.6 on two different Macs, and so far, everything is OK. I plan to upgrade Mac #3 later today.

Yeah, I know: Apple’s anointed few have been running pre-release versions for a while. I’m just a regular schlub, so I get it when everyone else does (on the flip side, I have nothing to lose by telling it like I see it, grin). I installed the update atop FCPX 10.0.5 on a MacBook Air running 10.6.8 and a mini running 10.8.2 and put it through its paces for a few hours, trying to break things.

The good news: I wasn’t able to break things.

The high points, from my quick fiddling about:

Paste Attributes! You can now copy some or all the modifications you’ve made to one clip (color correction, distortion, compositing, filters, etc.) and paste them on one or multiple other clips. Finally, you don’t have to re-create complex effects from scratch on every clip, or create compound clips simply to be able to apply the same tweaks to multiple individual clips.

It’s almost like having FCP 7 back.

RED support. There is a new RED plugin, a unified installer that supports both FCP 7 and FCP X. It even supports a Rocket card if you’ve got one installed. read more...

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