Rave Review for the SmallHD 502 Field Monitor

Take note of this thorough breakdown of the features and highlights of SmallHD 502 Full HD field monitor. It's impressive technology in rugged, compact form. If you are looking for an SDI field monitor, the SmallHD 501 has all of the features of the 502 with SDI connectivity.

Review: SmallHD 502 FullHD On-Camera Monitor

Streaming Media blog by Paul Schmutzler As a compact on-camera monitor with usability more reminiscent of a smartphone than a monitor, the ability to use and customize multiple displays with scopes and diagnostic features, add LUTs, and mount virtually any way you desire to a DSLR cage, the SmallHD 502 is in a class by itself. In this article we’ll look at the SmallHD 502 on-camera monitor. The kit that I received for review included a number of items: two wipes for the screen to keep it clean, a power adapter to charge the batteries, and a hot shoe adapter for mounting the monitor on top of a DSLR or some other hot shoe-compatible device like a cage. The hot shoe adapter has a ball on top so you can rotate it to fit any angle that you need to use it at. It also comes with a few cables: full-size HDMI and BNC, which you’ll need if you're using SDI connections. This monitor supports both. The monitor also comes with two batteries. Each of these batteries can be used separately or together, and you'll probably recognize them as the standard Canon LPE6 used in a lot of devices these days. They are probably third-party batteries because they're branded as SmallHD; they do not have Canon's name on the label. The bundle includes a charger for these batteries, as mentioned before, and the monitor itself comes in a nice, cushiony neoprene bag...[continue to the full article]

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