Re-Opening Your Event & Performance Venue with Live Production and Streaming

Re-Opening your Event or Performance Venue is tricky, but live production and streaming are here to serve as a valuable tool to help.

On today's Videoguys Live, we delve into using live streaming to bring greater traction and a wider audience to your inhouse performances, as you reopen your live event venue.

Check out the webinar below:

 Why is it Important to Add Live Production?

  • Reach your audience even when you are closed
  • Expand your content on social media and other platforms​
  • Expand your revenue with e-Ticketed events and pay-per-view​
  • Stream your event to multiple venues​
  • The living room is the new "Standing Room Only"



EPTZ Cameras can be a great way to record an on stage performance to live stream effectively to the viewers at home, giving a handful of capabilities to the camera operator.  These cameras allow for a full recording of the stage to be created in 4K, while selecting 1080p HD regions of interest around the image. 


PTZ Cameras are also available to aid in live production, with options available from PTZOptics, BirdDog, and Panasonic.  PTZOptics creates great cameras at an affordable price, perfect to get you started.  BirdDog's cameras operate with full NDI, and a SONY image sensor on board.  Panasonic's Pro PTZ cameras are used commonly in large event centers for challenging shoots.  

Live Production Systems:

There are several popular live production systems and encoders that can help create a multi camera shoot, or customize your live stream with onboard graphics and lower thirds. This includes the YoloLiv YoloBox, the RGB Link Mini and Mini+, and the Epiphan Pearl Nano.  

Advanced Live Production Systems:

Advanced live production systems allow even more capabilities for production teams, and are used in higher end production spaces, commonly. Devices like the NewTek TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI and the Telestream Wirecast Gear allow for larger amounts of cameras, and greater onboard graphics and customization. 

In addition, the Pearl Mini and Pearl-2 are great devices for creating a custom stream, that also allow for control on an online GUI rather than solely on the unit itself.  

Internet Connections:

Videoguys Tech Tip: You MUST have Adequate Bandwidth ​in the Venue. 

  • Hardwire internet should be used for best results
  • Public WiFi can be iffy 
  • LiveU Solo Cellular binding guarantees your bandwidth 

Musicians and Bands: Produce your Own Live Streaming Kit!

​If you are a musician or a band, live streaming your performance just might get you more gigs.  Bring your own kit and broadcast your performance, instead of relying on the venue.

Check out this diagram, below.​


Make sure you test your audio and verify how it sounds both in person, at your venue and on your stream.  Remember, bad audio can kill your stream. 

Videoguys Tips for Multicamera Streaming a Live Band 

  • An EPTZ Camera can help get a wide shot, and a shot of each band member simultaneously, without dropping in quality
  • If possible, set up cameras on mic stands/drums for a closeup on each band member, or an isolated video of each member playing

Videoguys Tips for Multicamera Streaming a Staged Production 

  • Make sure to be present for dress rehearsals, be familiar with the production to better produce your live video
  • Have at least 3 cameras (front, left and right)

Videoguys Tips for Live Streaming a Corporate Event Space Presentation 

  • Use a switcher with live graphics and multi camera to improve the quality of your conference call- people have zoom fatigue
  • Utilize picture in picture technology to display your speaker and presentation simultaneously

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