Adobe Editor User story: Magic Bullet Looks

Get an Abobe editor's inside take on using Magic Bullet Looks - a favorite Red Giant plugin from the Magic Bullet suite.

How I use Red Giant “Magic Bullet Looks”

From VideoProwess The people over at Red Giant have made some amazing plugins over the years. While I certainly don’t use them all; there are a handful that I use on a regular basis in my day to day production work. One of the most useful to me has been Magic Bullet Looks. Looks is a combination of a few of the plug-ins that come included with the full Magic Bullet Suite, as well as some effects that are native in AE or PP (like curves). You can also add all sorts of useful tweaks like a key or fill light, spot exposure, gradients and a ton of preset effect “Looks” where all you do is drag and drop the effect. How you use Looks and which of these effects you use will depend entirely on the types of projects you work on and your workflow. This will not be a comprehensive review of Looks but rather a antecdotal review of the features that I use on a regular basis...[continue reading]

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