Realtime NewTek NDI Workflow Options for Post Production

NDI is a technology from NewTek that allows video to travel over your IP network, meaning sources can be sent anywhere on a network wirelessly or with a single ethernet cable. recently posted a great article covering the ability to share post production workflows in real time with the power of NDI. 

NDI Tools is a free software suite that gives producers some basic NDI software perfect for incorporating NDI into your workflows, and for troubleshooting as well. This suite can be downloaded at  It is available on both Mac and PC. 

One major feature is a software plugin called NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud.  This Plugin allows for applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects or Media composer to output a signal that is transmitted as an NDI stream.  This allows teams to watch editing workflows in real time, and more.   

Working Remotely:

One interesting workflow that this offers users is the ability for remote groups or individual editors to work between multiple systems and see what's happening on your timeline in real time.  

This workflow also allows for high end editing tutorials that can be done live instead of prerecorded.  Something that can be valuable for teams in training, or for sharing insight with customers for corporations.  

Realtime Recording: 

This plugin allows for real time output from your NLE into your production switcher or other system.  The potential here for real time demos and workflows is unprecedented.  

Check out this article to learn more. 


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