RED: "DSLR shooters should be embarrassed"

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RED's Jim Jannard has hit out at DSLR shooters, saying they should be 'embarrassed' to be shooting 1080p on line-skipping sensors.

Canon and Panasonic have a closed and secretive approach to business, whilst RED speak quite candidly. Canon need to take that secretive approach whereas RED, being on their 'island' in a digital cinema niche don't need to worry about much and they can take a more swashbuckling cavalier approach. That I like. But some of the things they say… well, not really constructive.

Originally Posted by Jim Jannard

I fully expect the DSLR manufacturers to get it right at some point. Make a non-line-skipping 4K camera. At that point, the difference will be RAW 5K and 6K vs. whatever they make. Until then, a line-skipping 1080P camera is just not in the running for a pro camera. Can you make OK images with a line-skipping 1080P camera? Sure. Should you be embarrassed? Yes. We are not in that business.

I saw the Canon commercial about shooting "motion stills". They should be ashamed. Just try to take a still from their motion 1080P capture...

Jim goes on about line-skipping a lot, but never price. Graeme Nattress go on about line skipping and moire a lot, but never the GH1 which does pixel binning. RED keep going on about 5K, but when DSLR footage is shown on the big screen (like Bloom's work at the Stag Theatre) it looks great.

The criticism just isn't justified. It's what people do with the camera in the hear & now that really matters. read more and check out the comments posted below the article

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