RED gets huge GPU workflow boost!

RedShark by Freya Black

It has come as a massive surprise to users of red cameras as it has always been a much requested feature but the official line has always been that GPU cards were just not very good at handling the debayering and wavelet technology that is involved in working with red footage. Well this has all suddenly changed, with a new version of REDCINE-X that supports graphics card technology to take the load off the computers CPU

So far RED are staying slightly tight-lipped about the matter because it’s not officially released until IBC but a few details have slipped out. It appears you will be able to use multiple graphics cards to get more overall speed but that a single Titan GFX card will be able to handle 6K Dragon footage at 24fps.

In the past those working with red footage have often had to put up with long renders or buy a “RED Rocket” card which was expensive but made everything go “Woosh!” A new super version of the RED Rocket was recently released too (the RED Rocket-X), which is far and away faster than even the Titan but the Titan does have the advantage that it is usable in a lot of other contexts that just handling red footage. RED have stated that it is only now that there are the new super GPU cards such as the titan that they are able to do this kind of thing.

RED Rumor

There is a rumour going about that REDCINE-X might even be able to use GPU accelerated plugins of various kinds as well but we are going to have to wait for IBC for the full details and to discover if that is just a rumour. read more...

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