Red Giant 24hr Shooter Suite Flash Sale! 

50% OFF!! Red Giant Shooter Suite Bring your footage from set to post with confidenceRed Giant Shooter Suite is a set of tools that gives you the freedom to shoot the way you want, with the confidence that your footage will make it from your camera to the editing timeline safe, sound and in sync: PluralEyes, Offload, Instant 4K, and Frames.
Shooter Suite $399.00 $199.50 Shooter Suite Upgrade $99.00 $49.50 Shooter Suite Academic $199.00 $99.50
30% OFF!!

Red Giant Shooter Suite Individual Tools

PluralEyes PluralEyes analyzes the audio from your cameras and audio devices and syncs them up, in seconds. No clapboards or timecode are needed.. Offload Offload is a simple, standalone application for safely offloading and backing up footage from your camera’s media card to your computer and/or external drives.. Instant 4K Instant 4K quickly upconverts your video into a variety of high resolution formats with outstanding results. Frames Start with ordinary interlaced video, and apply Red Giant Frames' sophisticated algorithms. You will instantly get the smooth, deinterlaced look of 24p film that is artifact-free.
$299.00 $209.30 $99.00 $69.30 $99.00 $69.30 $99.00 $69.30

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