Videomaker by Steve Taylor

Easily import, organize, review, refine and export your footage.

Since the advent of digital video cameras, the files they create have always caused a workflow challenge for transferring, organizing and archiving. And if you’re like us, our original and transcoded files end up a mess, kind of like our desks. Now we’ve got data management help in the form of Red Giant’s BulletProof software.

If you’re a camera operator or editor, or anything between, this new software will help you import, organize, review, back-up and even color your footage before export. All in one place.

Red Giant has given us a tool to take the hassle out of the workflow between the camera and the editor and save precious time in the entire process. The software provides a five step process for helping you through your data management workflow. Let’s go over each of the steps in the process that is provided for you in BulletProof.


When you open BulletProof, the first step in the process is to import your footage. You’ll see on the left a list of drives that are mounted, allowing you to choose where your footage is coming from. In fact, this left to right paradigm is present in every step allowing you to visualize the workflow. read more...

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