Red Giant Colorista II Review

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Red Giant was gracious enough to allow me to test-drive Colorista II. Building and improving on the original in every way, Colorista II is ac color grading plug-in for Final Cut Pro users. Colorista II also supports Adobe After Effects and Premier.

Colorista II gives you the ability to grade with Primary, Secondary, HSL, and Master Controls using color wheels all within the Final Cut Pro. This provides you with an unprecedented amount of control from a plug-in, rather than jumping back and forth using Apple Color.

The keyer provided within Colorista II allows you to adjust individual colors, samples, soften or even choke an image. Using the Keyer with the Power Mask tool gives you precise control over your image. The Power Mask provides you with two rectangular or elliptical shaped masks can qualify an area so it’s ready for a specific color change. With the help of the Keyer they can be effectively used to correct the zones in a single pass. The versatility of these controls is just absolutely outstanding.

Colorista II also provides your with the ability to control the Master Curves. I really enjoyed working with this tool as it gives you precise control over the entire RGB, or individually as Red, Green, and Blue. The results can be very change a dull scene into something more dramatic. read more...

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