Red Giant Magic Bullet 12 is your Color Grading Monster!

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite delivers addditional performance and features that video editors will love. In this review you'll learn more about the feaures and performance that make Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite the color grading tool everyone can and should be using.
Planet 5D by High Brownstone

Magic Bullet 12: Color Grading MONSTER, Right Inside Your NLE

Please tell me I’m not the only one: we read reviews of some piece of awesomeness (gear or software); get a jones for it; maybe even go out and get it or download a trial copy; and then put it in a physical or mental corner where it can’t overwhelm us and then pretend it never happened. Color grading, anyone? Magic Bullet not only has a great name, but a great reputation. So when the opportunity presented itself to get a trial copy of this color grading beast — all five component packages in one — I downloaded it instantly. And then let it sit on my hard drive for months unused. I just knew it was going to overwhelm me – even if RED GIANT had created video tutorials. Heck, the very volume of those tutorials overwhelmed me. Enter Nate Sparks, product manager for Magic Bullet since version 2.5, and the miracle of a Skype call with screen sharing. Nate walked me through the basic components of Magic Bullet Suite and – even more basic – responded with infinite patience when I asked him to help me finally, fully understand color wheels (I had the kind of familiarity with color wheels that most people have, you know, with scopes). read more...

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