Red Giant Trapcode Suite 14 Delivers Faster & Easier Visual FX

trapdocde-suite-14Visual effects are a key production aspect in any successful project. The ability to bring the elements in a film to life that aren't there during production or even correct minor production mistakes is often overlooked. The work for these affects are tedious but necessary. According to, Red Giant is releasing Trapcode Suite 14, a faster and easier visual effects creator plug-in for Adobe After Effects. Along with Trapcode Suite 14 you'll get Trapcode Particular 3 and Trapcode From 3 and an update for Trapcode Tao. With all of these add-on's and improvements to their software, anyone can create amazing effects for their production.

Particular 3 lets you add organic-looking particle systems to your motion graphics or visual effects. This version adds GPU acceleration through OpenGL, which Red Giant says could boost speeds up to four times over the previous version. Particular 3 also includes an updated Designer tool that aims to make building effects more intuitive with instant visual feedback. In addition to a simplified building process, the overhauled Designer now brings in the composition and camera information, allowing you to more accurately preview your effects.

For even more flexibility, Particular 3 for the first time allows you to work with multiple particle systems in the same 3D space. With this feature, particle systems can interact with each other while also responding to shared parameter settings like turbulence and gravity — useful in creating complex 3D environments. In addition, OBJ files, used for 3D models, can now be used as particle emitters, and Particular 3 allows you to use any image in your composition as a 2D sprite or textured polygon. Also new in this version is an updated Aux system — for spawning child particles — and more than 210 new customizable particle system presets for effects like fire, muzzle flashes, smoke and more....[continue reading]

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