Red Giant’s Shooter Suite helps you get organized, saving you time and money

possible-mainRed Giant Shooter Suite has been a big hit since it's introduction. Giving you 7 tools that increase your prodcutivity and provide you the best possible workflows.
Post Perspective by Brady Betzel

If you have ever been an assistant editor, an editor who had to prep their own content, or even a production assistant who was asked to go way beyond their job title and perform DIT duties on set, you know that without the right tools, that “quick and easy” job you took on Craigslist can quickly turn into a 12-hour day and immediately become not worth the time.

If you have ever found yourself regretting taking jobs after realizing that the job description stated “content is already organized and in sync” but they really meant you are the one that will need to “organize and sync (without jam sync timecode),” then you need to pay close attention to this review of Red Giant Shooter Suite. Red Giant Shooter Suite (currently in version 12.6) contains seven tools that will help make offloading, organizing, proper metadata entry, synchronizing, denoising, upressing, deinterlacing and LUT-ing much more enjoyable.

Included in the Shooter Suite package are PluralEyes, Offload, Bulletproof, Denoiser, Instant 4K, Frames and LUT Buddy. In this review, I will dig in deep to just a few of the tools, but every tool is worth way more than the price of $399 (a savings of $345 if each were bought individually, although LUT Buddy is a free download). Keep in mind that every tool could potentially save you tons of time, money and more importantly your sanity. read more...

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