RED Launches RED Connect Module For 8K Streaming

The RED Connect Module for RED's V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL cameras has been made available, according to RED DIGITAL CINEMA®. By using the innovative RED Connect system, the new module enables customers to access the potential of up to 8K live cinematic streaming. A wide variety of creative applications, including live broadcast, virtual production, and true 8K VR, are made possible by RED Connect, which gives customers the ability to stream RAW R3D data directly from the V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL camera systems over IP to a camera control unit (CCU).

The RED Connect Module for V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL cameras will enable filmmakers to take advantage of high-quality live streaming capabilities up to 8K resolution using RED's Connect solution. This new module will allow users to stream RAW R3D files in real-time, directly from the camera to a camera control unit (CCU), offering a wide range of creative applications from live broadcasting to virtual production and true 8K VR.

This development is likely to be a significant advancement for filmmakers who rely on RED Digital Cinema cameras for their work. The ability to stream high-quality footage in real-time opens up new creative possibilities and workflows that were previously not possible. It will be interesting to see how filmmakers incorporate this technology into their projects in the future.

The RED Connect Module is designed to be a turn-key solution for users, making it easy for them to access the capabilities of RED Connect. The compact form-factor and easy connectivity are also significant advantages, allowing the module to attach securely to the back of the V-RAPTOR or V-RAPTOR XL camera using the camera's V-Lock battery mechanism.

The module's high-speed data connection is established by connecting it to the camera's CFexpress media slot. This setup ensures that the module can efficiently stream high-quality footage without compromising on speed or quality. Overall, these features make the RED Connect Module a valuable tool for filmmakers who want to take full advantage of the V-RAPTOR or V-RAPTOR XL's capabilities, including real-time streaming of RAW R3D files over IP.

The RED Connect Module's ability to support live streaming of up to 8K at 120FPS or 4K at 240FPS, as well as other frame rates and resolution combinations, is an impressive feat that offers significant creative possibilities for filmmakers. Moreover, the module's support for simultaneous streaming and recording from the CCU means that users can easily create backups or archives of their footage while streaming.

The module also offers genlock and timecode synchronization of multiple cameras using PTP (SMPTE ST 2059-2), which is an industry-standard synchronization protocol. This capability ensures that all the cameras in a multi-camera setup are precisely synchronized, which is essential in live broadcasting and virtual production.

The module's up to 10 Gbps connection via a single-mode LC connector is a fast and reliable means of transferring data. With this high-speed connection, users can transfer large files quickly, making it an ideal solution for workflows that require high bandwidth, such as live streaming or virtual production. Overall, these features make the RED Connect Module a powerful and versatile tool for filmmakers who need to stream high-quality footage in real-time.

“We are extremely excited to officially launch RED Connect and the new module. Live streaming of full-quality R3Ds over IP at every resolution and framerate, combined with RED’s sensor capabilities, creates an entirely new paradigm for content creation and broadcast. In early release testing, our customers have been blowing us away by what they have been able to produce. We’re excited to see what’s next creatively now that RED Connect’s flexible, open ecosystem is available to take content creation to the next level.” -Jeff Goodman, RED Digital Cinema vice president of Product Management

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