RED Teases Komodo 6K Sensor and Other Features

The RED Komodo 6K sensor size has been a hot topic in the video industry. This sensor has been released but the specs are still under wraps. The Komodo 5K is not a Full-Frame, or Large Format Camera.

However, the sensor is still larger than Kodak's Super 35mm 3-Perf film.

This 6K Komodo also features a nearly 2:1 native aspect ratio. This camera is a near-perfect match for the 2:1 player found on your smartphone.

The Komodo 6K is speculated to be a smaller option for filmmakers who want to shoot on a smaller camera, and maintain all of their equiptment being RED or part of the REDCODE RAW systems.

I could see Helium shooters wanting a smaller gimbal ready camera built and ready to go. If I were to imagine for a minute, I imagine the Komodo 6K will be great for some situations but as an “A” camera? It’ll take a lot of extra effort and equipment. Some will just look at the specs and the ~$5,000 price-tag and jump into the Komodo full-heartedly.

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