RED's New Image Processing Pipeline IPP2

Find out more about the new IPP2 image processing overhaul announced for RED cameras. Enhancements include better management of challenging colors, smoother highlight roll-off, improved shadow detail and more. The article posted below from NoFilmSchool features the basics of the overhaul and RED Tech videos. Check it out! From

What will RED’s new image-processing workflow mean for users?

RED quietly announced last week that their new image-processing pipeline (IPP2) is available for download. The new pipeline overhauls the entire RED image processing workflow, from RAW sensor data capture to image output...[continue to full article] RED’s new image processing pipeline unlocks the full potential of every pixel. IPP2 offers a completely overhauled workflow experience and encompasses all of the steps in the image capture process, from raw sensor data to final image output. This RED TECH gives an overview of the workflow philosophy for IPP2 and all of the visual enhancement options that come with it.

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